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Everybody who has been to Poland will confirm that the Poles are a warm, social, hospitable and hard working people.  Living there is very comfortable, with a nice balance between beautiful nature, cosy villages and modern cities.  Since a couple of years Europe has been investing in Poland in the development of new highways (Europe invests 75% and Poland 25%), which results in an efficient connection between the Metropoles, the Tatra-mountains, the central lakes (the biggest in Europe) and the coastline. This all translates itself in a huge social-, cultural- and technological progression.  This is why it's not surprising that some European statistics, for instance design and ICT, are co-lead by Poland.
By the way, did you know that Poland has always been one of the most western-minded countries of east-europe.  They were the first europeans to introduce a constitution in 1791, only one country preceded this action, namely the United States of America. Today this way of thinking is still there, since the recent airplane-crash in which all protagonist were killed the country continues to maintain it's strong currency and stable political climate.  In short: Poland is a model-state in the european Union with increasing opportunities.
Thus, Poland is on the rise and investments here have a great return! Real Estate and land continue to increase in value, even during the crisis in the past year we noted an increased value of 20%.
This is why East Europe Real Estate can provide you with great real-estate-opportunities at give-away prices.  This company with Belgian roots is full-time searching for new land with great access to the countries assets.  Our local partners keep a close eye one the market. For instance: We are selling a couple of lots with newly build splendid lake-view-villa's on it. These idyllic spots are at a half hour driving distance from the capital Warsaw.
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